ALiAS 2023

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(this is a local, small-scale workshop; we can unfortunately not provide help with travel, accomodation, invitations & red tape for international participants)

ALiAS: Amsterdam Lectures in Artificial Intelligence and Society

Workshop Program — (may still be subject to minor changes)


Friday January 6th, 2023. 10am – 6pm

Lab42, Science Park 900, Amsterdam. Room 1.02.

10am-12.30pm Theme Deep Learning for Sequence Data

  • 10.00 Max Welling (UvA Amsterdam): Diffusing Molecules
  • 10.30 Wilker Aziz (UvA Amsterdam): Decoding is deciding under uncertainty
  • 11.00 ***coffee***
  • 11.30 Dieuwke Hupkes (FAIR – Paris), State-of-the-art generalisation research in NLP
  • 12.00 Jaap Jumelet (Amsterdam) Hierarchical Structure in Neural Models

*** LUNCH BREAK *** (lunch not provided by the workshop)

2pm-6pm Theme Deep Learning and Linguistics

  • 2.00 Christopher Manning (Stanford University), Enhancing the Self-Consistency and Performance of Pretrained Language Models with Natural Language Inference.
  • 2.30 Marie-Catherine de Marneffe (Louvain), Can neural networks identify speaker commitment?
  • 3.00 Raquel Fernández (UvA Amsterdam), Priming as a Window into Abstract Language Representations
  • 3.30 Lisa Beinborn (VU Amsterdam), title tba [about Modelling eye-tracking]
  • 4.00 ***coffee break***
  • 4.30 Paul Boersma (UvA Amsterdam), Shallow and deep bidirectional learning in phonetics and linguistics
  • 5.00 Johan Bos (University of Groningen): Has Deep Learning made Computational Semantics obsolete?
  • 5.30 general discussion: the Future of Linguistics


Saturday January 7th, 2023. 10am – 6pm

Singel 425, Amsterdam, room 0.07 (Doelenzaal)

10am-12.30pm Theme Language Sciences for Social Good

    • 10.00 Jelle Zuidema (UvA Amsterdam), The Birth of Bias (with Oskar van der Wal, Jaap Jumelet & Katrin Schulz)
    • 10.25 Jasmijn Bastings (Google Brain – Amsterdam)  – Unmasking Clever Hans in NLP
    • 10.50 Martha Larson (Radboud  – Nijmegen), AI and Our Eye: Adversarial examples meet image interpretation
    • 11.15 ***coffee***
    • 11.35 Floris Roelofsen (UvA Amsterdam), New computational methodologies for sign language research (joint work with Lyke Esselink and Marloes Oomen)

    12.00 Malvina Nissim (University of Groningen), Another way to look at bias (joint work with Gosse Minnema, Sara Gemelli, Chiara Zanchi, Tommaso Caselli)

*** LUNCH *** (Participants on their own; for workshop presenters sandwiches have been ordered)

2pm-3.30pm Poster and Demo session, “InDeep: Interpreting Deep Learning Models for Text and Sound”

with posters and demo presentations by:

      • Hosein Mohebbi (Tilburg), Quantifying Context Mixing in Transformers
      • Gabriele Sarti (Groningen), User-centric Interpretability for Neural Machine Translation
      • Charlotte Pouw (Amsterdam), Interpretability for ASR models
      • Antske Fokkens (work with Jonathan Kamps; VU Amsterdam),
      • Jane Arleth dela Cruz (Radboud Nijmegen), The Usefulness of Interpretable Information Extraction Models for Disaster Relief
      • Marcel Vélez (Amsterdam),  XAI for Multi-scale music representation learning
      • Gaofei Shen (Tilburg),
      • Oskar van der Wal (Amsterdam), Finding gender bias in language models.
      • Marianne de Heer Kloots (Amsterdam) How to interpret similarities between language models and brain activations?

3.30pm-6pm Logical perspectives on Natural Language & Machine Learning

  • 3.30 Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam, Tsinghua, Stanford), Natural Logic
  • 4.00 ***coffee***
  • 4.30 Keynote: Chris Manning, Natural Language Inference reaches adulthood: 2005–2023.
  • 5.30 general discussion The future of AI

Also check out the public symposium with Chris Manning and Vikram Patel and others on January 9th: see here.