the Cognition, Language and Computation lab


A major challenge for both the language sciences and the field of artificial intelligence is how to reconcile observations about the uniqueness of language with those about the biological continuity of the underlying neural and genetic mechanisms. In the CLC-lab, we try to face this challenge head-on by developing models that do justice to insights from both traditions. These models include models of semantic and syntactic parsing (using various probabilistic grammar formalisms and deep neural network architectures), models of distributional semantics and brain decoding, models of artificial language learning, iterated learning and language evolution, and occasionally models of arithmetic, music and planning. The main focus of the lab is currently on using insights from these many modeling studies for understanding how the brain deals with the hierarchical structure of language.

Current members

Peter Dekker
Michael Repplinger
Mathijs Mul
Bas Cornelissen
Samira Abnar
Dieuwke Hupkes
Raquel Alhama
Willem Zuidema

Frequent collaborators

Raquel Fernandez
Ivan Titov
Tejaswini Deoskar
Henkjan Honing

Former members

Phong Le (now postdoc at the University of Amsterdam)
Marieke Woensdregt (now PhD student at the University of Edinburgh)
Katja Abramova (now PhD student at Radboud University Nijmegen)
Vanessa Ferdinand (now postdoc at Santa Fe)
Jonathan Mallinson (now PhD student at the University of Edinburgh)
Federico Sangati (later: postdoc at the University of Edinburgh)
Willemijn van Woerkom
Stijn de Gooijer
Gideon Borensztajn (later: postdoc Amsterdam)
Kasper Kok (later: PhD Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Simon Hofmann