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Lecturer: Andy D. Pimentel
Period: Semester one, Block one
Schedule and locations: See Datanose schedule (Hoorcollege = Lecture, Computerpracticum = Lab session)
Lab assistants: Simon Polstra and Jun Xiao

Objectives and contents

The objective of this course is to understand the principles and design of modern microprocessor systems and how such processors can be aggregated, using interconnection networks, into parallel/distributed computing systems. Here, insight will be provided in both high-performance, general-purpose computer systems and more constrained embedded computer systems.

The course builds on a basic knowledge of microprocessor architecture. It develops this with and emphasis on instruction-level concurrency in microprocessor design and concurrency in both memory systems and parallel/distributed computing systems. The topics that are covered include superscalar and VLIW processor architectures, instruction- and thread-level parallelism, memory hierarchy, distributed- and shared-memory parallel computers, interconnection networks and new architecture trends.

Recommended prior knowledge

Programming skills in C/C++, computer organization.

Study materials