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So, you want to do a PhD...

Before you enroll
In the beginning of your PhD
Knee-deep into your PhD
So near and yet so far

Disclaimer: These words of wisdom are purely based on my personal experience and interactions with other academics and PhD students over the years. They do not represent any official policy of any institution nor should they be considered as one-size-fits-all guidelines. In the end, so much depends on the individual circumstances. But anyway I hope you'll find some of it useful.

Doing a PhD can be a great experience. You learn as much about a subject as you learn about yourself throughout your PhD. And if this wasn't rewarding enough, you even get called 'Doctor' at the end of it, but that's just the cherry on top. As a PhD is about exploring a research area that nobody else has explored to the degree you are about to, doing a PhD is inherently about overcoming obstacles while covering new ground. Inevitably this means that there are times when you struggle, but winning these little battles can be a very rewarding experience. As the saying goes: 'no pain, no gain'.

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