KdVI Discrete Mathematics Seminars

The weekly seminar on discrete mathematics at the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics is organized by Vincent Schmeits and I. We currently meet weekly on Thursdays from 11:00-13:00 Amsterdam time. The talks can be attended remotely via zoom, on request. Anyone interested in attending or contributing a talk can contact Wout Moltmaker for more information via [w.c.moltmakerATuva.nl].

List of previous and upcoming talks:

02/03/2023 Fran├žois Pirot: A counting argument for graph colouring

23/02/2023 Bruno Hideki Fukushima Kimura: A Theoretical Approach to the Stochastic Cellular Automata Annealing and the Digital Annealer's Algorithm; slides.

15/02/2023 Wouter Cames van Batenburg: The list-packing number

09/02/2023 [No talk]

01/02/2023 Sven Polak

01/02/2023 Sven Polak

25/01/2023 Jeroen Zuiddam

18/01/2023 Matthieu Rosenfeld: A simple counting argument applied to lower bounds on the growth of subshifts

14/12/2022 Stijn Cambie: The number of (maximal) independent sets; surprising minimum question and the 69-conjecture

07/12/2022 Jack Koolen: On sesqui-regular graphs with a fixed smallest eigenvalue and large valency

30/11/2022 [Open problems session]

23/11/2022 [No talk]

16/11/2022 Evelyne Smith-Roberge: Local Choosability for Planar Graphs

09/11/2022 Fernando Nobrega Santos: Statistical mechanics meets stochastic topology, high-order networks, and complex systems

02/11/2022 Vincent Schmeits: Vertex-face quantum walks, perfect state transfer and the Chebyshev recursion

26/10/2022 [No talk]

19/10/2022 [No talk]

12/10/2022 Krystal Guo: Spin models, knot invariance and triply regular graphs

05/10/2022 thursday at 15:00! Mehmet Akif Yildiz: Cycle Partition of (Regular and Directed) Graphs

29/09/2022 thursday at 15:00! Mikhail Hlushchanka: Rational maps, graphs, tilings, fractals, and groups

21/09/2022 Wout Moltmaker: Vassiliev invariants of rotational virtual knots

14/09/2022 Guus Regts: The computational complexity of (approximately) computing the independence polynomial

30/05/2022 Tijn de Vos: Cut Sparsification Algorithms in Weighted Graphs; recording.

16/05/2022 Fabio Buccoliero: Levelled spatial graphs of low complexity can be cellular embedded

09/05/2022 at 15:00 instead of 13:00! Spencer Backman: Higher Categorical Associahedra

02/05/2022 [Teaching-free week]

25/04/2022 David de Boer: Random colourings of trees with constant down degree; recording.

18/04/2022 [Easter monday]

11/04/2022 Jeroen Huijben: Chromatic zeros of series-parallel graphs

31/03/2022 [No talk]

24/03/2022 Tibor Beke: Fixed point theorems for topological spaces, simplicial complexes and graphs; recording, slides.

17/03/2022 Vincent Schmeits: Properties of Vertex-Face Quantum Walks

10/03/2022 Lowell Abrams: Spherical Quadrangulations with Rotational Symmetry; recording, slides, model sheets.

03/03/2022 Jo Ellis-Monaghan: Some old work with a new twist-- the V-polynomial, Potts function with external field, list coloring, and now symmetric chromatic functions; recording, slides.

24/02/2022 Wout Moltmaker: Khovanov Homology and Categorification of Graph Polynomials; slides.

17/02/2022 Pjotr Buijs: The limit of the zero locus of the Independence Polynomial for bounded degree graphs; recording.

07/02/2022 Mark Ellingham: Minimal quadrangulations and the Even Map Colour Theorem

31/01/2022 Viresh Patel: Covering cubic graphs with perfect matchings

24/01/2022 [No talk]

17/01/2022 Jeroen Zuiddam: The asymptotic spectrum of graphs and the Shannon capacity

20/12/2021 Mehmet Akif Yildiz: Cover Times of Simple Random Walks on Graphs

13/12/2021 Krystal Guo: Cospectrality in graphs

06/12/2021 Guus Regts: Absence of zeros and decay of correlations for the hard-core model

29/11/2021 Jeroen Huijben: Chromatic polynomial of bounded degree graphs

22/11/2021 Dave Roberson: Homomorphism Counts from Bounded Degree Graphs

15/11/2021 David de Boer: Heaps of pieces applied to the independence polynomial

09/11/2021 Ferenc Bencs: On the number of forests and trees in large regular graphs

02/11/2021 Puck Rombach: Subgraph complementation and minimum rank over F2

26/10/2021 [No talk]

19/10/2021 Wout Moltmaker: Reshetikhin-Turaev Knot Invariants

12/10/2021 Roland van der Veen: Algebraic Knot Theory

05/10/2021 Vincent Schmeits: Vertex-Face Quantum Walks

28/09/2021 Jo Ellis-Monaghan: An algebraic framework for twualities of embedded graphs