KdVI Discrete Mathematics Seminars

The weekly seminar on discrete mathematics at the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics is organized by Vincent Schmeits and I. The seminar is currently on break for the summer. Talks can be attended remotely via zoom, on request. Anyone interested in attending or contributing a talk can contact Wout Moltmaker for more information via [w.c.moltmakerATuva.nl].

List of previous and upcoming talks:

08/06/2023 Chris Godsil: Orbits and averages

01/06/2023 Jonathan Narboni: The chromatic number of segment intersection graphs under a given number of slopes

17/05/2023 Lourens Waldorp: Modeling psychological processes

11/05/2023 Ross Kang: On some problems in graph colouring

04/05/2023 Pjotr Buys: Zero-free regions of the independence polynomial of hypergraphs.

20/04/2023 Ferenc Bencs: The Heilmann-Lieb Theorem for matchings

06/04/2023 Pieter Kleer: Sampling from the Gibbs Distribution in Congestion Games

30/03/2023 Open problems session

23/03/2023 Eoin Hurley: Uniformly random colourings of sparse graphs

02/03/2023 Francois Pirot: A counting argument for graph colouring

23/02/2023 Bruno Hideki Fukushima Kimura: A Theoretical Approach to the Stochastic Cellular Automata Annealing and the Digital Annealer's Algorithm; slides.

15/02/2023 Wouter Cames van Batenburg: The list-packing number

01/02/2023 Sven Polak: Semidefinite approximations for bicliques and biindependent pairs

25/01/2023 Jeroen Zuiddam: The subrank of random tensors

18/01/2023 Matthieu Rosenfeld: A simple counting argument applied to lower bounds on the growth of subshifts

14/12/2022 Stijn Cambie: The number of (maximal) independent sets; surprising minimum question and the 69-conjecture

07/12/2022 Jack Koolen: On sesqui-regular graphs with a fixed smallest eigenvalue and large valency

30/11/2022 [Open problems session]

16/11/2022 Evelyne Smith-Roberge: Local Choosability for Planar Graphs

09/11/2022 Fernando Nobrega Santos: Statistical mechanics meets stochastic topology, high-order networks, and complex systems

02/11/2022 Vincent Schmeits: Vertex-face quantum walks, perfect state transfer and the Chebyshev recursion

12/10/2022 Krystal Guo: Spin models, knot invariance and triply regular graphs

05/10/2022 thursday at 15:00! Mehmet Akif Yildiz: Cycle Partition of (Regular and Directed) Graphs

29/09/2022 thursday at 15:00! Mikhail Hlushchanka: Rational maps, graphs, tilings, fractals, and groups

21/09/2022 Wout Moltmaker: Vassiliev invariants of rotational virtual knots

14/09/2022 Guus Regts: The computational complexity of (approximately) computing the independence polynomial

30/05/2022 Tijn de Vos: Cut Sparsification Algorithms in Weighted Graphs; recording.

16/05/2022 Fabio Buccoliero: Levelled spatial graphs of low complexity can be cellular embedded

09/05/2022 at 15:00 instead of 13:00! Spencer Backman: Higher Categorical Associahedra

02/05/2022 [Teaching-free week]

25/04/2022 David de Boer: Random colourings of trees with constant down degree; recording.

18/04/2022 [Easter monday]

11/04/2022 Jeroen Huijben: Chromatic zeros of series-parallel graphs

31/03/2022 [No talk]

24/03/2022 Tibor Beke: Fixed point theorems for topological spaces, simplicial complexes and graphs; recording, slides.

17/03/2022 Vincent Schmeits: Properties of Vertex-Face Quantum Walks

10/03/2022 Lowell Abrams: Spherical Quadrangulations with Rotational Symmetry; recording, slides, model sheets.

03/03/2022 Jo Ellis-Monaghan: Some old work with a new twist-- the V-polynomial, Potts function with external field, list coloring, and now symmetric chromatic functions; recording, slides.

24/02/2022 Wout Moltmaker: Khovanov Homology and Categorification of Graph Polynomials; slides.

17/02/2022 Pjotr Buijs: The limit of the zero locus of the Independence Polynomial for bounded degree graphs; recording.

07/02/2022 Mark Ellingham: Minimal quadrangulations and the Even Map Colour Theorem

31/01/2022 Viresh Patel: Covering cubic graphs with perfect matchings

24/01/2022 [No talk]

17/01/2022 Jeroen Zuiddam: The asymptotic spectrum of graphs and the Shannon capacity

20/12/2021 Mehmet Akif Yildiz: Cover Times of Simple Random Walks on Graphs

13/12/2021 Krystal Guo: Cospectrality in graphs

06/12/2021 Guus Regts: Absence of zeros and decay of correlations for the hard-core model

29/11/2021 Jeroen Huijben: Chromatic polynomial of bounded degree graphs

22/11/2021 Dave Roberson: Homomorphism Counts from Bounded Degree Graphs

15/11/2021 David de Boer: Heaps of pieces applied to the independence polynomial

09/11/2021 Ferenc Bencs: On the number of forests and trees in large regular graphs

02/11/2021 Puck Rombach: Subgraph complementation and minimum rank over F2

26/10/2021 [No talk]

19/10/2021 Wout Moltmaker: Reshetikhin-Turaev Knot Invariants

12/10/2021 Roland van der Veen: Algebraic Knot Theory

05/10/2021 Vincent Schmeits: Vertex-Face Quantum Walks

28/09/2021 Jo Ellis-Monaghan: An algebraic framework for twualities of embedded graphs