Architectuur en Computerorganisatie


Course “Architectuur en Computerorganisatie”

For a description see the course¬† entry in the university’s Studiegids:

Lab experiments and expectations
A computer architecture.

Supporting the Architecture and Computer Organization course lectures two times a week lab exercises are given during the course.


The results of the experiments of all labs are handed in in the form of a report before the deadline  of each lab. For the exact deadlines consult Blackboard. Mind the labs are mandatory and the results are part of the overall qualification for this course.

Reports are handed in via Blackboard and should be conform the PDF file format.

Report filenames must be conform <Labname>-<YourName>.pdf

Reports handed in not conforming to the rules will be rejected.

Source code files

Some experiments require writing of short assembly programs. These files (*,wasm or *.sal) are also required to be handed in.

Source filenames must be conform <labname>-<exercisenumber><YourName>.wasm or sal.

These source code files should be sent in the same email but as separate attachments

Lab Tools

SIM-PL – Manual

SIM-PL – Program zip file

SIM-PL – Components (Basic Gates)


Lab 1 – Performance measurement
Lab 2 – Introduction to MIPS instructions
Lab 3 – Arithmetic