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SCIENCE Information

Name                 Jan Wiegerinck
Department           Mathematics
Projectgroup         Analysis
Project              Complex Analysis
Address              Science Park  105-107, Amsterdam (Nikhefgebouw)
Office               F3.44.   
Postal adress        Postbus 94248, 1090 GE  Amsterdam 
Telephone            5097         (+31 20 525 5097)
Fax                  7820         (+31 20 525 7820)
E-mail               j.j.o.o.wiegerinck 
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Professional status and research interests

I am professor of mathematical analysis at the university of Amsterdam. My public lecture (in dutch) can be read here: oratie . My research is in analytic functions of one and several variables. My favourite topics are (small sets in) Pluripotential theory, Hardy spaces and their geometry, function algebras and polynomial convexity, Cauchy- Riemann equations.
Take a look at my list of publications .
As of 2001, almost all of my preprints are on Math ArXiv. I am quite fond of the UC Davis front end. It should be easy to use, but don't hesitate to ask me for a (p)reprint if you cannot get it from the ArXiv.

From October 1999 to 2001, (my) Korteweg-de Vries preprints appeared electronically. Some of these, as well as some other publications may be found on The Digital Academic Repository of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. You may still download the following older ones directly. There is some overlap with the preprint server.

Brief Mathematical history

I received my PhD in 1985, advised by Jaap Korevaar at the University of Amsterdam.

As a postdoc I spent two years in Princeton, partly supported by a fellowship of NWO. In 1987 I returned to Amsterdam for four years as KNAW fellow, then as assistant professor and as of 1997 as associate professor. As of 2005 I am full professor at the UvA.

Graduate students

My former graduate students are Paul Beneker, Said El Marzguioui, Oscar Lemmers, and Iris Smit.


The seminar of the pure analysis group is organized jointly with the analysis group of the VU. It focusses on dynamical systems, although other (complex) analysis topics pop up from time to time. See dynamical systems seminar.


Information about projects for students Includes 2-de jaars project, Bachelor and Master thesis

Said El Marzguioui and I studied pluripolar sets and its connections with plurifine topology. The work on finely pluripotential theory is continued with Bent Fuglede and Mohamed El Kadiri.

Together with Paul Beneker I worked on the NWO project The boundary of the unit ball in \(H^1\) . Oscar Lemmers and I worked on Gleason problems.

Other projects involve structure of analytic discs in polynomial hulls of surfaces, representing measures for the disk algebra and questions in pluripotential theory.

Onderwijs (Teaching activities, partly in dutch)

Informatie voor scholieren en andere in wiskunde geïnteresseerden is te vinden op Tom Koornwinder's home page

Profession related activities

Associate editor of Indagationes Mathematicae.


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