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Powerpoint presentations

Dynamics in a model for quantum measurements and insight in the quantum measurement problem (Vaxjo, 16 June 2011)

Hydrodynamics of large scale structure formation: a ``new'' feature of (dark) matter (Amsterdam, Feb 2010)

Brownian Entanglement -- Entanglement in classical brownian motion (Paris, Jan 2010)

Neutrino hot dark matter and hydrodynamics of structure formation: Two ``new'' features of matter (Harvard Smithsonian CfA, Jan 2010)

What constitutes the dark matter? (Sterrenwacht Vesta, Oostzaan, Netherlands, 17-10-2009)

Waaruit bestaat donkere materie? (Sterrenwacht Vesta, Oostzaan, 17-10-2009)

Do nonrelativistic neutrinos constitute the dark matter (CSNSM, Orsay, May 2009)

Theoretical Physics of Quantum Measurements (Young Academy, Berlin, April 2008)

Quantum Thermodynamics and its application to the Gibbs paradox (Frankfurt a/M, January 2007)

Quantum thermodynamics view on the Gibbs paradox and work fluctuations (Oldenburg, October 2006)

Explanation of the Gibbs paradox within the framework of quantum thermodynamics (San Diego, June 2006)

Brownian Motion and Quantum Mechanics: Two Sides of the same Coin? (Vaxjo, June 2005; Erice, July 2005)

Black hole information paradox: Analysis in a condensed matter analog (Saclay, December 2004)

Quantum Thermodynamics: Thermodynamics at the Nanoscale (version Prague, July 2004)

Large Scale Motion of Brownian Motors (Taipei, June 2004)

Solvable Model for the Quantum Measurement Process (Vaxjo, Sweden, and Taipei, Taiwan, June 2004)

Quantum thermodynamics: thermodynamics at the nanoscale, (Snowbird Utah; London Ontario, January 2004)

Historical introduction to quantum thermodynamics, (Amsterdam, May, 2003)


Overhead presentations, in pdf

Quantum thermodynamical approach to work-extraction (Capo Boi, September, 2003)

Curie-Weiss model of the quantum measurement process, (Utrecht, February, 2003)

Quantum Brownian motion and its conflict with the second law (San Diego, July, 2002)

Thomson's formulation of the second law: an exact theorem and limits of its validity (San Diego, July, 2002)

Bath generated work extraction in two-level systems (poster, San Diego, July, 2002)

Curie-Weiss model of the quantum measurement process, (Amsterdam/Rome, February, 2002)

Quantum measurement as driven phase transition: An exactly solvable model, (Golm, 2001)

Quantum limits to the second law, (Symposium in honor of Ubbo Felderhof, Aachen, Germany, 12-10 2001)

New surprises in thermodynamics far from equilibrium, (5th Claude Itzykson meeting, Saclay, June 23, 2000)

Extracting work from a single thermal bath in the quantum regime, (Conference ``Mechanisms of Decoherence'', Utrecht, June 13, 2000)

Thermodynamics of black holes, (Conference ``Mechanisms of Decoherence'', Utrecht, June 13, 2000)



A number of accounts have been devoted to our research in the popular and scientific press

April 2006. Nieuws uit FOM onderzoek: De Gibbs-paradox verklaard

Press release by the Max Planck Society on 3 May, 2005: Motor Transport in Bio-Nano Systems

FOM Nieuws uit onderzoek 23-12-2004: Onverwachte grip op spins

Sul moto perpetuo: ``Moto perpetuo'', Focus N. 100, Febbraio 2001, (Milano), pagina 36

Uber das Heiratsproblem und das Schicksal der Junggesellen, Die Zeit, December 20, 2000

About the marriage problem and the fate of bachelors: ``What's love got to do with it?'', New Scientist, 28 October 2000, p. 39

About perpetuum mobile: ``Breaking the law: Can quantum mechanics + thermodynamics = perpetual motion ?'', Science News, October 7, pp 158, 2000

Over perpetuum mobile van de tweede soort: ``Mazen in Gods grondwet: Een duivelse machine'', De Volkskrant, 22 juli 2000

About an improved setup for the classical heat engine: Nature July 12, 2000; The American Institute of Physics July 17, 2000

About perpetuum mobile of the second kind: The American Institute of Physics July 17, 2000

About my experiences in Armenia: ``Armenia was a black hole for me'', Interview by newspaper in Yerevan, Summer 1998