In the face of increasing work loads, new projects starting and new group members arriving, I need to hold on to a fairly strict schedule.

Standing meetings take place early in the day or at the end of the day. Other parts of the day are usally blocked until a week before they occur, so as to be able to cater for issues that need immediate attention. For ILPS group members and projects, I’m using this general set-up of standing meetings:

  • Standing weekly meetings with PhD students, 45 minutes
  • Standing weekly meetings with the postdocs, 30 minutes
  • Standing bi-weekly or even monthly meetings for smaller projects, 30 minutes
  • Standing weekly research meeting on Fridays led by one of the postdocs, 30 minutes; fill out the twiki page prior to the meeting and bring your research high light or low light to the meeting
  • Monthly group lunch provided by me, first Friday of the month
  • Weekly reading groups organized by PhD students
  • Fifteen minute “soos” talks by all group members on a regular basis
  • Various meetups, including Search Engines Amsterdam meetups, Amsterdam Data Science meetups
  • Monthly project meetings for larger projects

For the time being I am not supervising any MSc students.

Simple things to help make life easier and more effective for everyone involved:

  • At the agreed upon time show up and enter my office, whether I am in a meeting, on the phone, or not
  • Bring an agenda for the meeting; the first thing to do during the meeting is to tell me what your agenda is; if you don’t have an agenda, the meeting is over
  • Supervision is two-way traffic. It’s collaboration. To facilitate this, set up a wiki in which you keep a record of your research activities, document reading activities, theoretical advances, experimental work and results, etc. Make sure that I can read and edit it, wherever I am. Include brief reports of our meetings on your wiki, with action items made explicit.
  • There are plenty of smart people around you in the ILPS group, in ISLA, in the Informatics Institute, and at the Department of Computer Science at the VU University. Use their brains!

Since late 2011, I spend my Mondays at the VU University. Tuesdays are mostly for admin and management meetings.