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Month: March 2019

FACTS-IR Workshop @ SIGIR 2019

SIGIR 2019 will host a workshop to explore challenges in responsible information retrieval system development and deployment. The focus will be on determining actionable research agendas on five key dimensions of responsible information retrieval: fairness, accountability, confidentiality, transparency, and safety. Rather than just a mini-conference, this workshop will be an event during which participants will also be expected to work. The workshop aims to bring together a diverse set of researchers and practitioners interested in helping to develop the technical research agenda for responsible information retrieval.

The web site for the workshop is live now.

How to optimize ranking systems by directly interacting with users

Harrie Oosterhuis has written an accessible summary of our recent work on pairwise differentiable gradient descent (PDGD), an online learning to rank method that he published at CIKM 2018, with a follow-up paper to come at ECIR 2019 in April. With the introduction of the PDGD algorithm, ranking systems can now be optimized from user interactions far more effectively than previously possible. Additionally, PDGD can also optimize neural models to a greater effect, something previous methods couldn’t do. We expect that the development of ranking systems will benefit from this contribution on the long term. Not only because of improved performance, but also because the possibility to optimize more complex models opens the door to many different possibilities.

See this page for the full post.

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