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Month: February 2016

We’re hiring: PhD students and postdoc in learning to rank for IR

We’re looking for two PhD students and a postdoc to work on a project on learning to rank for information retrieval. The goal of the project is to lay the foundations for contextual LTR methods, which automatically construct the right ranking features based on the query context. The project will use data collected through natural interactions with a live system to extract features that might not be obvious to researchers who manually design the ones currently used for LTR.


We’re hiring: PhD student or postdoc Citizen Data Science

We’re looking to hire a PhD student or postdoc to work on citizen data science. Citizens increasingly share their lives online. Through social media experiences, opinions and reports of events are shared. In parallel, residents of cities such as Amsterdam collect data using widely available sensor technologies, to measure air quality, traffic, or trash on the street. The main question driving this project is how to make sense of these diverse types of citizen signals.

Details on how to how apply can be found on

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