MSc and project students

I am currently not able to supervise any MSc or project students.


Former MSc and project students

  • Peyman Shojaei (MSc 2012)
    Plagiarism detection
  • Andrei Oghina (MSc 2012)
    Online learning to rank
  • Kamran Massoudi (MSc 2010)
    AI; retrieval on twitter data
  • Paul Adriani (MSc 2010)
    AI; news recommendation
  • Wouter Bolsterlee (MSc 2009)
    Information Science; expert finding
  • Breyten Ernsting (MSc 2008)
    Information Science; blog search
  • Lucas Bouma (MSc 2007)
    Information Science; discussion search
  • Woiyl Hammouni (MSc 2007)
    Artificial Intelligence; Arabic blogs
  • Vincent Oord (MSc 2007)
    Information Science; relation between cultural events and user generated content
  • Jop van Raaij (MSc 2007)
    Artificial Intelligence; concurrent mining of news,
    blogs, and financial data
  • Erik Elgersma (MSc 2007)
    Business Information Studies; blog crawling; blogs
  • Janneke van der Zwaan (MSc 2006)
    Artificial Intelligence; text mining in the medical domain
  • Tom van der Weide (MSc 2006)
    Artificial Intelligence; answering procedural questions
  • Wouter de Winter (MSc 2006)
    Information Science; faceted retrieval in blogs.
  • Rob van Dijk (MSc 2006)
    Information Science; retrieval of opinionated blog texts
  • Anna Tordai (MSc 2006)
    AI; retrieval and morphology for Hungarian
  • Maarten Duineveld (MSc 2006)
    Information Science; schema integration for e-procurement
  • Frans Adriaans (MSc 2005)
    AI; retrieval technologies for historical document collections
  • Marijn Koolen (MSc 2005)
    AI; developing resources for historic document retrieval
  • Willem van Hage (MSc 2004)
    CS; ontology engineering and information retrieval
  • Jori Mur (MSc 2004)
    Exchange student from Groningen; dependency parsing and question answering; she defended in April 2004 and returned to Groningen to pursue a PhD
  • Fadillah Tala (MSc 2003)
    Fadillah completed a master of logic thesis on stemming and information retrieval for Indonesian.
  • Oren Tsur (MSc 2003)
    Definitional question answering as a master of logic student; went back to Israel to pursue a PhD at Bar Ilan University
  • Thomas Veltman (MSc 2003)
    Generating hard random formulas using ideas from Kolmogorov complexity
  • Christine Foeldesi (MSc 2003)
    Exchange student from Saarbrücken. Named entity recognition for Dutch
  • Gilad Mishne (MSc 2003)
    Graph-based approach to source code retrieval. Joined the team as a scientific programmer
  • Simon Groenewolt (MSc 2002)
    Methods for generating concept hierarchies from corpora of natural language texts
  • Harald Hammarström (MSc 2002)
    Computational semantics and reasoning in open domains
  • Jeroen de Knijf (MSc 2002)
    Document length in information retrieval
  • Börkur Sigurbjörnsson (MSc 2002)
    Formal methods (and in particular model checking) for questionnaires
  • Benjamin Hirsch (MSc 2001)
    Translating agent logics into decidable theories so as to obtain both decidability
    results and access to reasoning methods for such logics
  • Jon Ragetli (MSc 2001)
    Concept-based access to electronic handbooks
  • Alexander Bergo (MSc 2001)
    Text categorization
  • Maarten Stol (MSc 2000)
    Adaptive algorithms in modal logic
  • Rafael Accorsi (MSc 1999)
    Feature interaction in telecommunication systems