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NWO grant on learning to rank for information retrieval

Good news from NWO today. I received a grant from NWO to support two PhD students and a postdoc to work on learning to rank (LTR) for information retrieval. The goal is to lay the foundations for contextual LTR methods, which automatically construct the right ranking features based on the query context. The project will use use data collected through natural interactions with a live system to extract features that might not be obvious to researchers who manually design the ones currently used for LTR.

NWO grant: Searching research data

Good news from NWO today. Frank van Harmelen (VUA), Sally Wyatt (KNAW), Andrea Scharnhorst (KNAW), Paul Groth (Elsevier), Anita de Waard (Elsevier) and I obtained an NWO Creative Industries grant to work on search technology for research data sets. The project will fund three PhD students and combine search with knowledge representation and user studies to come up with new ways of searching and recommending research data sets.

NWO grant: MediaNow project on narrative search engines

José van Dijck, Johan Oomen and I obtained an NWO Creative Industries grant to work on next generation search engine technologies for for exploring large multimedia archives. The target users are media-professionals. The proposed innovations at the interface of computer science and media studies come in three kinds. First, we will develop, test and release self-learning search algorithms that adapt and improve their behavior while being used. Second, we will create robust methods for semantically analyzing content in media archives. Third, we will develop new search engine result page presentations that provide automatically generated storylines as narratives for professionals in the creative industries. The algorithmic solutions will be implemented in the research environment of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and released as open source search solutions.

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HPC grant

My colleague Lars Buitinck and I received a grant from the HPC fund to support the development of a more scalable version of xTAS, our extensible text analysis service. It’s the pipeline that we (and others) use for our text mining work. This is great news as it allows us to port modules to the new architecture that Lars has been developing for the past six months.

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Microsoft PhD Fellowship

For a proposal entitled “Leveraging Data Reuse for Efficient Ranker Evaluation in Information Retrieval”, my colleague Shimon Whiteson and I received funding. The proposal was submitted to the Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship Programme. The project is a collaboration with Filip Radlinksi and will run for three years, with a start planned in the fall. We’ll be recruiting soon.

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