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Nikos Voskarides wins 2014/2015 STIL Thesis Award

Congratulations to my PhD student Nikos Voskarides for winning the 2014/2015 STIL Thesis Award for his MSc thesis “Explaining relationships between entities.” The prize was awarded on December 18, 2015, at CLIN-26 in Amsterdam. His MSc thesis was supervised by Edgar Meij and Manos Tsagkias.

Daan Odijk wins CIKM 2015 best student paper award

Congratulations to my PhD student Daan Odijk for winning the CIKM 2015 best student paper award for his paper “Struggling and Success in Web Search’. This full paper is the result of Daan’s internship at Microsoft Research in Redmond in 2014. In this joint paper by Daan Odijk, Ryen White, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah and Susan Dumais, the authors investigate why some web searchers succeed where others struggle.

Best paper award at SocInfo 2013

We received a best paper award at the 5th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2013) for a paper entitled “Automatic thematic content analysis: Finding frames in news”. This a joint paper with Daan Odijk, Bjorn Burscher, Rens Vliegenthart and myself. Congratulations to Daan and Bjorn as they did most of the work. The paper is the outcome of a collaboration between two work packages in the COMMIT project “Information retrieval for information services,” which is also a collaboration between two disciplines: communication science and computer science.

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