As one of the research teams at the Informatics Institute, ILPS, the Information and Language Processing Systems group, has been around since April 1, 2004. During the past 16+ years, I have been fortunate enough enough to welcome, and work with, a large number of extremely talented PhD students, postdocs and staff members at ILPS.

In recent years, ILPS has grown to a team of 50+ people, a size where we need to organize ourselves differently, to make sure that communicate remains effective and that the team continues to function as a team.

We are breaking up ILPS into two new teams. One team is the Information Retrieval Lab, IRLab, led by Evangelos Kanoulas. The other team is the Language Technology Lab, led by Christof Monz. I will be part of the IRLab, together with my PhD students and postdocs.